Tuesday, July 27, 2010



OMG IT HAS BEEN MORE THAN 4 MONTHS ME & ARLINA ABANDONED THIS BLOG. Poor little blog. :( & sorry to the followers too. Weve been too busy. :( I promise you guys, a post will come up soon! About vintage dress. ;) In the mean time, stay fabulous! You know youre beautiful, no matter what people say. :D

Yours truly,
Sofia ♥

Friday, March 19, 2010

High waisted skirt.

Hello! We are back on track. :D

Mhm, im Sofia. Of course. By seeing my pictures above, of course its me, typing this post. Takkan Arlina pulak. Psycho gila nak upload gambar i. Heheh. :) Well, the pictures above were taken on 19th March 2010.

Cardigan : Forever 21
Sleeveless : Dorothy Perkins
Leggings : Nichii
Skirt : Cotton On
Flats : Cotton On

The skirt is Arlinas way. Her very own way of hiding our cute tummy! :D The skirt should be worn right below our bra -.- because it could hide our tummy. You wont be seeing your excess baggage in the pictures & all. Tapi sorry, if time duduk of course akan nampak la. Tu tidak dapat dielakkan. *If nak tutup perut, tutup dengan handbag k? Salah satu kegunaan handbag. Hehe* & one more skirt i bought from Cotton On, is the one yang tak melekat dekat badan tu. Well, its meant to be worn like all skirts, but ill be wearing it as a high waisted skirt too. Ill take a picture of myself wearing it once ive worn it okay? Well, it helps you know. Biasa lah, kami perempuan perempuan comel memang suka cari cara untuk tutup lemak. Padahal memang tak berjaya kadang kadang sebab memang dah gemuk. Hihi. Anyhow, whatever it is, we just need confidence. & you just have to make yourself feel beautiful. Be gorgeous. Not for anybody else, but for yourself. Trust me, it wont work out if you want to look extraordinary not for yourself but for somebody else. :)

Friday, March 5, 2010

Malaysia to Brunei.

Its Sofia hereeeeeeee! :)

Hello everybody. I just knew that one of the followers of us is from Brunei. Thanks for reading this blog. & sorry weve been neglecting this blog too much. Too busy to update. :| Ill update it soon. Not now. For the time being, enjoy looking at our pictures on facebook to know how we work our clothes out. You guys can ask us for our account. :)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

beach ball tummy

omg, i am having short holiday. -__-, and its a bless. BECAUSE I AM DOING IB!. seriously, google what International Baccalaureate is, then you will wonder why on earth i still have time for this thing. heee. :) sorry, Im(arlina) always busy.

so anyway, back to our topic. i have figure another way to cover our beach ball tummy. u know how beach ball looks like.

exaaactly, so yes, this is how my stomach looks like, without the colour of course.

i was buying a whole set of look for some party, and and having a big tummy is not a limitation to a gorgeous look.

again, get a cardigaaan!, but not the usual cardigan.

i bought this cardigan for only RM 25.00 at cotton on, sunway pyramid, they have offer! and so how to work this cardigan?

1. notice there is the are some leftover ( yg jurai jurai tu), haha i dont know what am i suppose to call that, tie it up, just a normal tie, dont make it as ribbon or else it will look heavy or messy.
2. ensure the "tied" part is approximately between your stomach, so that it will tune down the circle shape(of your stomach of course) and make it flat as possible.
3. adjust the "tied part" to ensure you are comfy with it, and at the same time, it covers up as much as possible the unwanted tummy.
4. look for a suitable inner to wear with the cardigan! ( this one suppose to be number 1)

pictures will be add soon, not now. :|

i did buy a set of blazer and trouser for my model united nation thing-iee. and i look fat and short, i need to work it out and share with you all later :)

Saturday, January 30, 2010

A little bit something from me.

Hello, sorry for the lack of updates. Its Sofia here. Oh well, as i said to you guys in the previous post, we *me & Arlina* have been too busy lately. Sorry again! :)

Oh well, here i would like to tell you guys about myself first okay? I wasnt really a fan of fashion & fancy clothes. But once i grow older, my sisters influenced me to be PRETTY. Hahaha. I have 3 older sisters so well, what do you expect? & of course they are all pretty. Heh :) I started off with small amount of fancy clothes. & as days went by, i know i love to wear colorful clothes & printed clothes. My favourite is, leggings. I dont do jeans quite often nowadays because to me, leggings could hide my excess baggage. Hahahaha :D & i love cardigans. That too, could hide my fats. HAHA :| Not really, but whatever. To me, being fat is not a reason to detain my covet of wearing pretty clothes & stand out. You have to have the confident. Okay, pretties? :)

Oh the reason why i wanted to put that 2 pictures above is ; to show you guys. Whether you wear specs or not, or what clothes you wear, you can still stand out. *not that i want to say i look good in both pictures. HAHA :S* You can accessorize your outfits. Be original. Be creative. Dont wear something black only just because black could make you look thinner. Like hello? Black does not always work okay. You could wear anything. Try all. Dont care about what others think. Its about you, what clothes you feel comfortable in. Okay?

If i have more pictures, ill upload more. Just to show you guys how i dress up when im out. Now my laptop, my cameras & everything is seriously being a bitch. :) Stay tuned okay?

P/S : You guys need someone to be your fashion consultant? Your shopping partner? Leave us a comment. We will be yours. HAHAHAH :D
PP/S : Please, be confident. Thats the key. :)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sofia says sorry.

Hello everybody! Its Sofia here. :)

Sorry for the lack of updates. Been very busy lately. Arlina is now caught up with her stuffs & studies at KMB. & im not very busy but i just cant update because my laptop is being a pain in the ass. Have to get it to 'hospital' but not sure when, yet. :|

Sorry okay? I promise sooner or later, ill post a very great one here. :D

Oh & people, dont forget to look fabulous everyday alright? Remember, BIG GIRLS DO LOOK PRETTY. You can even beat the skinny girls, so do your thang! :D


Friday, December 25, 2009

getting know the fat girls

well, hellow people, arlina is back on track.

anyway sorry for the late update on uploading the pictures. anyway sorry for the quantity of the pictures. we will upload more since today we are going to rock the world, so more pictures coming, and tips too. ;)

so, this is what we had post before. about legging, tunic and cardigan. we will have a deeper post about this, as these are by far, the basic pieces of our wardrobe. dont worry, we still wear other stuff too. just wait and be patient :)

btw i'd like to introduce myself a bit more, maybe it can help you guys in some way.
my height is 170 cm
my weight is as heavy as elephant -_-
im wearing size 12-18
about the size, it depends actually, for a normal top, i can easily fit into a 12, but when it comes to dress, especially those that cant stretch at all, i have to wear 16. for bottom part, like skirt or jeans, i have to take 14 or 16. and, last but not least, all the oversize tops i have to take 18 so that it will be perfectly worn with leggings. the reason why im telling you my size is not for you to laugh, nor buying me more tops(i dont mind this bit) but to give you the exact image of me, so that you can, well you know compare it to yourself. thus, using all the tips given by us perfectly. :D

the thing about us, is that, we love to shop at stores that use this kind of size. seriously, s, m, l, are painful. seriously, have u seen L size in padini? oh lord, thats like S for us. okay maybe im exaggerating (i can fit into XL though), but still i guess im to precise.

another thing you guys have to bear in mind is that, we are not fashion student, so pardon us for not being good at this, nevertheless, experience is the best teacher. hello!! we survive god damn god knows how many years in this fat body :D.

thats all from me from me, more pictures too come (:

sorry for the hunch body, dont know why. haha. well, this is me and dinie.